‘Blue Ice’

Pink flowers are borne in early April; leaves steely blue in winter, very narrow; height 26-30cm; spread Originated as a seedling in a nursery in British Columbia, Canada.

‘Blue Lagoon’

Urn-shaped soft pink flowers; IV-V/VI; foliage clear blue-grey, linear-lance-shaped leaves, 2–3 cm long, with silvery hues. Differs from ‘Blue Ice’ in much more prominent blue-grey foliage, rather than blue-green. Sport on ‘Blue Ice, discovered by Marcel Brand at Boskoop, Netherlands, in 2006; in 2010, patented under United States PP22004.

‘Compacta ‘

Clusters of shell pink flowers; V-VI; foliage glaucous green; height 20 cm; spread 30 cm; habit compact, broad making a neat mound.

‘Compacta Alba’

Ivory flowers; glaucous green foliage; compact, broad habit making a very neat mound; height 16-20cm; spread 26-30cm. Collected from the wild in Japan before 1959.


Large clusters of pale to mid-pink flowers; glaucous green foliage; broad spreading habit; height 10-15cm. Another cultivar collected in Japan.


Profuse mid-pink flowers; narrow grey green leaves; height 21-25cm; spread 31-45cm. Excellent garden plant that can withstand drier conditions than most Andromeda. Found on Mount Kirigamine, west of Tokyo, Japan.


Fat bunches of globular pink flowers which turn white with age; broad dark green leaves; height 31-45cm; spread 61-75cm.


Rose-pink flowers; grey-green foliage, blue-green beneath; neat; height 21-25cm; spread 31-45cm. Attractive plant of Japanese origin.


Large light clear pink flowers; very glaucous foliage; bushy habit; height 21-25cm; spread 46-60cm. Found in the alpine bog in the national park of Nikko, Honshu, Japan.


Masses of shiny pale pink flowers which gradually turn white; grey foliage; forms a neat rounded cushion; height 26-30cm; spread 46-60cm. Found on Mount Shibutsusan in an alpine bog meadow, north of Tokyo, Japan.

f. alba

White flowers and dark grey foliage; compact erect spreading habit; height 16-20cm; spread 31-45cm. There are several clones on the market varying chiefly in height (see ‘Compacta Alba’).