The books listed on this page are mainly about heathers.

Published by The Heather Society

Daphne Everett: The Heather Society’s guide to Everyone can grow heathers!

An introduction to heather gardening (The world of heathers booklet series 1).

Buy From: no longer available

ISBN Number: ISBN 0-9500412-7-0

Year published: 2000

The Heather Society: Colour Chart

There is an online version of the colour chart. Click link below Colour chart

Publications by members of The Heather Society

E. Charles Nelson: Hardy heathers from the northern hemisphere Calluna, Daboecia, Erica

Awarded “REFERENCE BOOK OF THE YEAR 2012″ by Garden Media Guild in November 2012

ISBN Number: ISBN 978-1-84246-170-9

Year published: 2011

Publisher: Kew Publishing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Selection of older publications

David Small & Ron Cleevely: The Heather Society’s guide to Recommended heathers

The 100 best heathers chosen by experts (The world of heathers booklet series 2). Out of print; an updated list of recommended heathers is available here. A PDF of the complete list with descriptions, as published in Heathers 9 can be found here.

ISBN Number: ISBN 0-9500412-8-9

Year published: 1999

David Small & Anne Small: The Heather Society’s handy guide to heathers

Out of print. Three editions were published. There are no plans to re-issue this work, but descriptions of heathers, as listed in The handy guide, are available on this website.

Year published: 2001

E. C. Nelson & D. J. Small: International register of heather names, Volume 1 Hardy cultivars and European species (in 4 parts)

Out of print.

Year published: 2000

E. C. Nelson & D. J. Small: International register of heather names, Volume 2 African species, hybrids and cultivars (in 4 parts)

Out of print.

Year published: 2004

H. A. Baker & E. G. H. Oliver: Ericas in southern Africa with paintings by Irma von Below, Fay Anderson and others.

Purnell, Cape Town & Johannesburg.

Year published: 1967

F. J. Chapple: The heather garden

Year published: 1964 (revised edition)

Publisher: W. H. & L. Collingridge Ltd, London

L. Denkewitz: Heidegärten

Year published: 1987

Publisher: Ulmer, Stuttgart

C. H. Gimingham: Ecology of heathlands

Year published: 1972

Publisher: Chapman & Hall, London

C. Howkins: Heathland harvest. The uses of heathland plants through the ages

Year published: 1997

Publisher: Chris Howkins, Addlestone

A. T. Johnson: The hardy heaths and some of their nearer allies

Year published: 1928

Publisher: The Gardeners’ Chronicle, London

B. de la Rochefoucauld: La bruyère

Year published: 1979

Publisher: Dargaud Editeur, Neuilly-sur-Seine.

B. de la Rochefoucauld: La bruyère

Year published: 1997

Publisher: Éditions Rustica, Paris

J. F. Letts: Handbook of hardy heaths and heathers

Year published: 1966

Publisher: John F. Letts, The Heather Specialist

D. McClintock & Marjorie Blamey: Heather of the Lizard

Year published: 1998

Publisher: The Cornwall Garden Society

D. F. Maxwell: The low road. Hardy heathers and the heather garden

Year published: 1927

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd, London

D. F. Maxwell & P. S. Patrick: The English heather garden

Year published: 1966

Publisher: Macdonald & Co, London

Dorothy Metheny: Hardy heather species and some related plants

Year published: 1991

Publisher: North American Heather Society & Frontier Publishing, Seaside, Oregon

A. Mikolajski: Heathers

Year published: 1997. (The new plant library.)

Publisher: Lorenz Books, London

B. Proudley & V. Proudley: Heathers in colour

Year published: 1974

Publisher: Blandford Press & Hippocrene Books, London & New York.

D. Schumann & G. Kirsten: Ericas of South Africa

Year published: 1992

Publisher: Fernwood Press, Vlaeberg

T. Underhill: Heaths and heathers Calluna, Daboecia and Erica

Year published: 1971

Publisher: David & Charles, Newton Abbot

T. Underhill: Heaths and heathers the grower’s encyclopaedia

Year published: 1990

Publisher: David & Charles, Newton Abbot

H. van de Laar: Het heidetuinboek

Year published: 1974

Publisher: Zomer & Keuning Boeken B. V., Wageningen

H. van de Laar: The heather garden … Translated by P. Rowe-Dutton. Adapted … by D. McClintock

Year published: 1978

Publisher: Collins, London

G. Yates: Pocket guide to heather gardening

Year published: 1978

Publisher: Tabramhill Gardens, Ambleside