Colour Chart


Please bear in mind that colour monitors (VDUs) and printers will not necessarily display or print the correct colour values for the chart.

The equivalent colour patches in the Royal Horticultural Society’s colour chart (RHSCC) are as follows. RHSCCs enclosed in square brackets are similar, but not exact matches.

H1 Amethyst = RHSCC 78A [77A, 77B, 78B, 80A, 80B, 84A]
H2 Mauve = RHSCC 78C [78D, 80C, 80D]
H3 Lavender = RHSCC 75A [75B, 76A, 76B, 77C, 77D, 84B, 84C]
H4 Lilac = RHSCC 75D [69C, 69D, 76C, 76D, 84D]
H5 Ruby = RHSCC 61A [58A, 59A, 59B, 59C, 60A, 60B, 60C, 61B, 64A, 64B]
H6 Cerise = RHSCC 60D [59D, 61C, 63A, 63B]
H7 Rose-pink = RHSCC 66D [57D, 61D, 63C, 64D, 66C, 67D, 68B]
H8 Pink = RHSCC 68C [62A, 62B, 62C, 63D, 65A, 68D, 73B, 73C]
H9 Beetroot = RHSCC 71A [70A, 72A, 72B]
H10 Purple = RHSCC 74A [74B]
H11 Lilac-pink = RHSCC 74D [70B, 70C, 74C]
H12 Heliotrope = RHSCC 72D [68A, 71D, 72C, 73A]
H13 Crimson = RHSCC 71B [71C]
H14 Magenta = RHSCC 67B [57A, 57B, 57C, 58B, 58C, 58D, 64C, 66A, 66B, 67A, 67C]
H15 Salmon = RHSCC 54C [51C]
H16 Shell-pink = RHSCC 65C [62D, 65B, 65D, 69A, 69B, 70D, 73D, 75C]

The approved adjectives “deep” and “pale” may be used to increase the scope of the colour chart.

The chart was devised by The Heather Society with acknowledgements to The Royal Horticultural Society.

Printed copies of the Colour Chart may be obtained from The Administrator: for UK addresses please send one 2nd class (large) stamp; for addresses outside the UK please send 2 international reply coupons.

A copy of the chart is sent free of charge to all new members on joining The Heather Society.