Final closure of the Heather Society

Despite repeated appeals via email and newsletter over the previous 3 years, no new people came forward to serve on The Heather Society (THS) committee. The workload on the existing committee became such that it was agreed that THS should close.

A new society as a donations-based, not-for-profit organisation, was being planned. However, with the demise of the Secretary, Phil Joyner, and other commitments, the remaining THS committee members failed to get a consensus on filling the roles of running a Heather Society (HS) organisation. As such, it was decided that HS was not viable.

The Heather World website will continue for the foreseeable future with the aim of making old and new cultivar descriptions available, being a general source of heather growing information, news, etc.

THS is closed and replaced by HS

On 31 December 2020 The Heather Society(THS) ceased to exist as a charity registered in England and Wales by consensus among its members.  A new not-for-profit association, known simple as Heather Society(HS) is to be estalished, if enough committee members can be found, to continue the work of THS with emphasis on the promotion of heathers as garden-worthy plants.

This website will replace the old site, but links to the old site will continue to work.