Recommended Heathers

This is a revised list, following discussions at The Heather Society’s Annual Gathering 2011; published online on 13 September 2011.

The list with descriptions was published in Heathers 9 (Yearbook of The Heather Society) 2012.

Selecting the individual cultivar names will take you to a description of each.

For sources, contact one of our nursery members or consult RHS plant finder.

Calluna vulgaris : ling, Scotch heather

‘Anthony Davis’
‘Con Brio’
‘County Wicklow’
‘Elsie Purnell’
‘Peter Sparkes’
‘Red Beauty’
‘Red Favorit’
‘Robert Chapman’
‘Silver Queen’
‘Silver Rose’
‘Sister Anne’
‘Spring Cream’
‘Velvet Fascination’
‘White Coral’
‘Wickwar Flame’
‘Yvette’s Gold’

Daboecia cantabrica : St Dabeoc’s heath

‘Charles Nelson’
‘Hookstone Purple’
‘Waley’s Red’

Daboecia x scotica : Hybrid St Dabeoc’s heath

‘Katherine’s Choice’
‘William Buchanan’

Erica arborea : tree heath

‘Albert’s Gold’
‘Estrella Gold’

Erica australis : Spanish heath


Erica carnea : winter heath

‘Adrienne Duncan’
‘Ann Sparkes’
‘Golden Starlet’
‘King George’
‘March Seedling’
‘Myretoun Ruby’
‘Pink Spangles’
‘Rotes Juwel’
‘Springwood White’
‘Westwood Yellow’
‘Winter Snow’

Erica ciliaris : Dorset heath

‘Corfe Castle’
‘David McClintock’

Erica cinerea : bell heather

‘C. D. Eason’
‘Eden Valley’
‘Lime Soda’
‘Stephen Davis’
‘Velvet Knight’

Erica x darleyensis : Darley Dale heath

‘Arthur Johnson’
‘Eva Gold’
‘Jenny Porter’
‘J. W. Porter’
‘Kramers Rote’
‘Spring Surprise’
‘White Perfection’

Erica erigena : Irish heath, Mediterranean heath

‘Irish Dusk’
‘Thing Nee’
‘W. T. Rackliff’

Erica x griffithsii : Griffiths’s heath

‘Valerie Griffiths’

Erica lusitanica : Portuguese heath

Erica mackayana : Mackay’s heath

‘Shining Light’

Erica x oldenburgensis : Oldenburg hybrid heath


Erica x stuartii : Praeger’s heath

‘Irish Lemon’

Erica terminalis : Corsican heath

‘Thelma Woolner’

Erica tetralix : cross-leaved heath

‘Alba Mollis’
‘Pink Star’

Erica vagans : Cornish heath

‘Birch Glow’
‘Golden Triumph’
‘Kevernesis Alba’
‘Mrs D. F. Maxwell’
‘Yellow John’

Erica x veitchii : Veitch’s hybrid heath

‘Gold Tips’

Erica x watsonii : Watson’s heath

‘Claire Elise’
‘Pink Pacific’

Erica x williamsii : Williams’s heath

‘Ken Wilson’

For sources, contact one of our nursery members or consult RHS plant finder.