‘Alba ‘

VI–VIII; usually with bright green foliage; height 16–20cm; spread 26–30cm. More than one clone is sold under this name and hence f. alba is more appropriate.

‘Alba Major’

White flowers; VII–XI; mid-green foliage; vigorous spreading habit; height 26–30cm; spread 46–60cm.

An old cultivar; origins not known, but commercially available by 1870.

Name derived from albus = white; a reference to flower colour; major = greater; probably implying large white flowers.

‘Alba Minor’

VI–X; bright green foliage; neat, good ground–cover; height 16–20cm; spread 46–60cm. A nineteenth-century selection but still one of the best.


White flowers, VII–IX; intense gold foliage in summer and autumn, turning lime-green in winter; prostrate; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm. An interesting plant owing to the rare combination of white flowers and golden foliage in Erica cinerea.

A seedling found in his nursery by John L. Jones, Glynwern Nursery, Cilcennin, Lampeter, Dyfed, Wales; to be available in small numbers during 1995.


White flowers; VII–X, with very dark sepals; mid-green foliage; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm.

Wild-collected sport; found on a plant near Broadstone, Dorset, England, by D. F. Maxwell in 1927; introduced by Maxwell & Beale (Broadstone) in 1929.

Name is nn allusion to the ebony (black) and white combination in the flowers.


VII–VIII, with very dark sepals; mid-green foliage; spreading habit; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm. A sport from ‘Pallas‘, which looks like ‘Domino‘, found by J. Bijsterbosch (Heerde, Netherlands) and named after his daughter.


V–IX, individual flowers globose; bright green foliage; compact, slow growing; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm. An ideal companion for ‘Pink Ice‘, found on Godrevy Towans, Cornwall.

‘Hookstone White’

VII–X, in long sprays; mid-green foliage; upright habit; height 31–45cm; spread 61–75cm. Found on the side of Grays Spot Hill on the Chobham Ridges, Surrey.

‘Jos’s Honeymoon’

White flowers, VII–VIII; golden yellow foliage; dwarf creeping habit; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm. A sport from ‘Honeymoon‘ found in 1989 by Jos Flecken (Kerkrade, Netherlands). Registered 23 December 1993: J. G. Flecken, Kerkrade, Netherlands.


VIII–X; light green foliage; neat broad habit; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm. More vigorous than ‘Godrevy‘. Found at Cap de Fréhel, Brittany, France, and introduced in The Netherlands.


VII–IX; mid-green foliage; compact creeping habit; height 21–25cm; spread 31–45cm.

Possible seedling; introduced by Knap Hill nursery (Woking, Surrey, England) by 1970.

Named after Mrs H. C. Hawkins, a friend of the Waterer family.

‘Snow Cream’

White flowers; VII–VIII; mid-green foliage with cream tints, more pronounced in spring; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm.

Possible seedling; found by J. W. Sparkes (Beechwood Nursery, Beoley, Redditch, Worcestershire, England); introduced either by J. W. Sparkes or J. F. Letts about 1966.

Name alludes to the flower colour (white) and the young foliage (cream).


‘White Dale’

White flowers; VII–VIII, profuse; mid-green foliage; height 21–25cm; spread 46–60cm. Recommended.

Found on Sunningdale Golf Course, Surrey, by John F. Letts.

Named because it was found on Sunningdale Golf Course, Surrey, England and colour of the flower.