‘George Hunt’ (f. aureifolia)

White flowers, III–IV; yellow foliage throughout the year; height 61–75cm; spread 31–45cm. Outstanding plant for sheltered but open sites, but it i tender and should not be planted where temperatures can drop to –10°C. Found by George Hunt who gave all of his stock away in aid of the National Cancer Research Campaign.

‘Le Vasterival’

White flowers with pink buds, III–V, in long plumes; dark green foliage; erect. From the garden of the Princess Sturdza, called Le Vasterival (Normandy, France), introduced by Minier’s Nursery). This was wrongly identified initially as Erica x veitchii (see Heathers 7: 71. 2010), and is marketed under the trade designation GREAT STAR

‘Sheffield Park’

White flowers, with deep pink buds; height 61–75cm; spread 31–45cm.

A seedling from Sheffield Park (Sussex) introduced by Liss Forest Nursery by June 1996.

Named after the garden where it was found.


Flower buds bright dark pink, contrasting with pale yellow-green foliage, opening white; foliage yellow, fine; habit upright.

Seedling raised by Helmut Hiedl (Altusried, Germany). Resistant to Pestalotiopsis (an endophytic fungus that attacks heathers); suitable for cultivation under glass.

See http://www.hiedl-gbr.de/aktuell2.htm (accessed 2 January 2015).