`Golden Oriole’

Lilac-pink (H11) flowers, VII–IX, ; yellowish green foliage, with bronze-red shoot tips particularly in winter; height 75–100cm; spread 75–100cm. A seedling found by Mr and Mrs D. I. Lockie (Sherford, Taunton, Somerset) in 1989.

`Thelma Woolner`

Deep lilac-pink (H11) flowers, VII–X; dark green foliage; height 61–75cm; spread 46–60cm. Less reliable than the “type”.

Collected in Sardinia and named by the finder after his wife.

Erica terminalis

Lilac-pink (H11) flowers, VII–IX, faded flowers russet in winter; mid-green foliage; open habit which can be vastly improved by pruning in the early years; height to at least 1m; spread 75–100cm.