‘Eva Gold’

Magenta (H14) flowers, I–IV; gold-bronze foliage throughout the year; height 30cm; spread 50cm.

A sport from ‘Kramers Rote‘, found at Pépinières Roue-Cadiou (Plouigneau, France).

Name derivation unknown

‘Golden Perfect’

Flower white; calyx green; XI-V; foliage pure yellow, yellow-green in Winter, does not burn in sun; habit broad, spreading, more compact than most Erica x darleyensis; height 40cm; spread 70cm.

Sport on ‘White Perfection‘, found by Albert Bosch in 1995 at nursery. Registered on 29 October 2006 by Albert Bosch, Westerlee, Netherlands.

Named from foliage colour and origin (sport on ‘White Perfection‘)


Corolla pink, calyx pale pink; I-V; foliage green-gold in summer, changing to yellow-gold in winter; habit broad, upright. More vigorous, and foliage less orange than other golden-foliage Erica x darleyensis. Selected in 2003 from a deliberate cross between Erica carnea ‘Golden Starlet’ and Erica erigena ‘Brian Proudley’ made in 1996 by David Wilson, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Name alludes to foliage colour and western North American history; named by Crystal Gillingham (Wilson’s Nursery Ltd). registered on 3 August 2004 by David Wilson, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

‘Jack H. Brummage’

Heliotrope (H12) flowers, I–V; yellow-orange foliage throughout the year; height 26–30cm; spread 46–60cm.

Seedling, growing near Erica carnea ‘Aurea’; found by J. H. Brummage (Heathwoods Nursery, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, England); introduced by him before 1966.

Named after the nurseryman who found it.

‘Mary Helen’

Pink (H8) flowers, II–IV; yellow-gold foliage in summer, turning bronze in winter; height 21–25cm; spread 31–45cm. Resembles ‘Jack H. Brummage‘, but slower growing and foliage darker and more colourful in benign environments. Recommended.

A seedling found by Peter J. Foley (Holden Clough Nursery, Bolton-by-Bowland, Lancashire, England) by 1980; introduced by Holden Clough Nursery in 1984.

Named after Mr & Mrs Foley’s [then] new baby daughter.


Shell-pink (H16) flowers, darkening to pink (H8); XI–IV; foliage bright glowing yellow throughout the year; habit bushy.

This sport from ‘Darley Dale‘ does not turn bronze in winter. Found in 1996 by Mike Ayres (Production Manager), Windlesham Court Nursery.

Named by Mike Ayres; the name alludes to the plant’s “bright yellow glow”. Registered on 10 October 2002 by John Hall.

‘Raye’s Gold’

Corolla white, calyx brown; VI-VIII (southern hemisphere); foliage bright gold throughout the year (as yet there has not been any evidence of reversion or scorching in temperatures often above 30°C); habit spreading.

Branch sport on an unidentified white-flowered cultivar (not extant) believed to have been Erica x darlyensis (but more likely to have been Erica carnea ‘Springwood White’); found in 2001 by C. Gill in his garden in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Registered on 18 November 2004 by Chris Gill, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Named by Mr Gill after his late wife Raye.


Corolla red wine (H 14); I-IV; foliage bright yellow in summer, orange-yellow to orange in Winter ; habit” wide spreading.

Sport from Kramer’s Rote‘, found by H. Haalboom Sr. in 1997 at Nursery Fa. W. Haalboom and Zn, Driebergen. Registered on 17 September 2006 by Fa. W. Haalboom en Zn, Driebergen, Netherlands.

Named after the wife of the founder H. Haalboom sr, Stieneke Haalboom-Chardon.


Magenta (H14) flowers, but does not flower freely; XI–IV; foliage bright golden in summer acquiring orange tints in winter; habit broad, spreading; height 30cm; spread 45cm.

A sport from ‘Kramers Rote‘ found about 1996 by Arnold Bakhuyzen at his nursery in Boskoop, Netherlands. Named by Arnold Bakhuysen after the little baby bird in cartoons, because of the golden foliage.

Registered on 24 December 2002 by J. G. Flecken.

Named after that little yellow baby bird in cartoons, because of the golden foliage; named by Arnold Bakhuysen.