Cuttings Exchange

This scheme facilitates members who are interested in propagating their heathers from cuttings. It is a golden opportunity to obtain cultivars only very rarely found in garden centres and nurseries these days, and, at the same time, helps to preserve some of these lovely plants for posterity.

Below is the list of cultivars that are being offered during 2017.

Cuttings availability list 2017 Jun

Please limit the list of cuttings you are requesting to six cultivars. Cuttings may not be available immediately – the supplier will advise you.

To take part in the scheme, please email me, Daphne Everett, using the form below.  I will contact the supplier, or suppliers, to make sure that the cuttings are available at that time, and will send you their names and addresses You can then send your request directly to them, enclosing, most Importantly, a stamped(large), self- addressed envelope for the return of the cuttings. Please note: If you are requesting cuttings from more than one supplier, a stamped(large) self -addressed envelope will be required for each one.

We also invite those who would like to offer cuttings to send their name, contact details (email and/or telephone number) and a list of cuttings they are willing to make available.

The scheme is only open to members resident in the UK.

Although those members offering cuttings are dedicated to heathers and have done everything possible to ensure that their cultivars are healthy and true to name, the Society does not guarantee the identity and the viability of the cuttings supplied.

Cuttings Request & Update  Form

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Note: This service is for members personal use and it is not to be used for commercial growing. SInce this is an informal service, cuttings of particular cultivars may not be available as indicated due to plant condition, time of year, etc.