‘Harry’s Grace’

Calluna vulgaris f. multibracteata; blooms much later than other cultivars. Flowers lavender (H3); not opening fully, but not bud-flowering; solitary at apex of short, multibracteate side-shoots on underside of main stems; X-II: calyx lobes to 3.5mm long, 2mm broad, ovate; corolla to 3mm long; stamens 8, not apparently malformed; gynoecium present, not malformed. Foliage dark green. Habit bushy; height 25cm; spread 30cm after 2 years.

Sport on ‘Chase White’ found by Harry Bowen in his garden at Chase Road, Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA.

Named after Mrs Grace Bowen, and Mr Harry Bowen.

® C.2010:01 registered on 17 February 2010 by Northeast Heather Society, USA.