Flowers single, mauve (H2), solitary on short lateral shoots; VIII-X. Spreading plant with erect and ascending shoots; young shoots lime-green; mature plants appearing orange-red due to strong red tints that develop on sunlit sides of shoots, shaded foliage remaining light green; leaves minute, glabrous apart from some hairs on margins and at tip, densely clustered on short side shoots;  Strong autumnal colours in mature plants, with pale flowers.

Chance seedling found in August 2008 by Noel Allan at Galloway Heathers Nursery, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, Scotland.

Named after the granddaughter of Noel Allan, Galloway Heathers, Cartyport, Newton Stewart, Scotland (in Sanskrit the name means “ray”).

® C.2012:04 registered on 8 August 2012 by J. Fitz-Earle, Crocketford, Scotland DG2 8QE.