Flowers lavender (H3) with crimson (H13), single; IX-XI; foliage new shoots pink and cream, turning greyish green in summer, foliage and shoots with prominent tomentum of long, somewhat shaggy hairs; stem appearing white; habit upright, bushy; height 50cm; spread 50cm after 5 years. Selected from seedlings raised from open-pollinated plant of Tallboy, possibly pollinated by ‘Kerstin’. It looks like a vigorous mixture of the two presumed parents. Fantasy name.
Published; URL www.heatherworld.org/new-heathers (posted 24 October 2015).

® C.2015.07 registered on 21 September 2015 by Sten-Börje Sörensson, Almvägen 7, 475 51 Hönö, Sweden.