‘April Fool’

White flowers borne freely; V-X; mid-green foliage; height 21-25cm; spread 46-60cm. The earliest D. cantabrica to bloom.

‘One which … did not really show its virtue until April 1972 when with the other Daboecias still fast asleep, it was growing vigorously and carrying lovely white bells.’*

Seedling; raised from supposedly pure D. cantabrica seed by Don Richards (Rydal Mount, Eskdale, Cumbria, England) sown in 1969; ‘I call this plant ‘April Fool’, but it ever marketed, ‘Early Bride’ might be more attractive.

This is the original name, and must be retained. The alternative name ‘Early Bride’ must not be used; a proposal to conserve it against ‘April Fool’ was rejected by the ICNCP in November 2003.