‘Stardust Muxoll’

❁ Flowers “double” (densely packed with petaloid segments), white, due to “doubling” the flowers seem whiter than any single cultivar; VI-X; pedicels not recurving but remaining erect or sharply ascending (as in Daboecia cantabrica f. blumii) so the flowers are not pendent at maturity; corolla 9mm long, 9mm diameter, not shed after flowering, broadly urn-shaped; calyx green, sepals to 3mm long; foliage green throughout the year; habit spreading; height 25cm; spread 35cm (after 4 years not pruned). Deliberately raised seedling from ‘Charles Nelson’ (pollen parent) × ‘White Blum’ made in 1998 by Jens Kjærbøl.

® D.2011:01 registered on 12 July 2011 by Jens Kjærbøl, Bryrup, Denmark.