‘Graceful Muxoll’

❁ Flowers “double”, all upwards-pointing on pedicels longer than corolla; corolla cylindrical, 11mm long, 5mm wide, deep H9 at the base, shading to H2/H12 at tip; inner petals white; flowers do not drop after fading; VII-X; Buds deep H9, develop to good size long before opening, adding very much to the floral display. Foliage: deep green. Habit: nearly upright, spikes a little arching: after 3 years, 25cm tall, 30cm across.

Deliberately raised and selected by Jens Kjaerbol; parent plants include ‘Charles Nelson‘ and ‘White Blum‘; other cultivars have also been used in production of double-flowered plants.

® D.2008:01 registered by Jens Kjærbøl, Bryrup, Denmark.