‘Ellen Norris’

Young flowers rich velvety red (H9) before the corolla has fully opened, becoming amethyst (HI); corolla <lcm when fully open; with very sparse hairs when very young, when fully expanded appearing smooth and virtually hairless; erect flowering shoots to 40cm, with 12-15 bells; VII-X; leaves c. 0.5cm long, bright mid-green; habit stiff, erect, compact 15(-40)cm tall, spread 30cm (after 4-5 years).

Chance seedling in Paddy van Adrichem’s garden, near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Named by Joyce Prothero in memory of Ellen Norris (2 March 1928 – 12 September 2003), the “Heather Lady” of British Columbia.

Registered on 14 October 2003 by Vancouver Island Heather Chapter.