Flowers heliotrope (H12); corolla small (less thcin 10mm) with a few scattered gland- tipped hairs; ovary with prominent gland-tipped hairs very obvious when corolla falls; VI-VII; foliage dark, glossy green; leaves to c. 6mm; habit low-growing, compact; height 15cm; spread 10cm after 3 years.

Self-sown seedling found in Forest Edge Nursery (Woodlands, Wimbome, Dorset); parentage not known but believed to be from Daboecia x scotica cultivars grown on the nursery. Given to Julian Fitz-Earle about 2006.

Name suggested by David Edge, because it was a tiny plant and Thumbelina was the name of the tiny girl from the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

® D.2009:01 registered on 18 Jime 2009 by Julian Fitz-Earle, West Wickham, Kent, UK.