‘Crystal Palace’

White translucent flowers, 2cm long, tubular; mid-green foliage; erect habit reaching 0.7m in 2 years. Chance seedling which appeared among seedlings grown from the seed supplied by Silverhill Seeds from South Africa. First flowered in February 2000 at Shiota Heath Garden, Hamamatsu, Japan. A natural hybrid of Erica patersonii and Erica perspicua by Dr E. G. H. Oliver. It is very close to Erica patersonii in overall appearance having hairy, translucent, white corolla and anthers with appendages.  Raised from seed in Japan. Tender and needs a frost-free environment.

® E.2008:03 registered on 26 March 2008 by Satoshi Miwa, Hamamatsu, Japan.