‘Broadstone Startler’

Mauve (H2) darkening to pale purple (H10), II–IV; dull green foliage; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm. Attractive flower colour.

Replacement name for ‘Startler’ (introduced by 1955 by Maxwell & Beale) which is an invalid name because another cultivar of Erica had previously carried this same name. [Referred to as ‘Startler’ in the following, e. g. Catalogue 1955-1956, Maxwell & Beale: 5; F. J. Chapple, The heather garden: 95 (1960; revised edn) __ 119 (1964 edn); J. F. Letts, Hardy heaths & the heather garden: 76 (1966, 2nd edn); D. Small & A. Small, Handy guide to heathers: 66 (1992: 1st edn); __: 106 (2001, 3rd edn)]. Registered on 19 December 2012 by The Heather Society.

Named from the original name with additon of Broadstone (Maxwell & Beale’s nursrey)