‘Mrs Sam Doncaster’

Pink (H8) flowers, XII–V; grey-green foliage; height 10–15cm; spread 46–60cm.

Collected in Switzerland by Richard Potter and introduced by Backhouse Nurseries (York) Ltd. in 1911 (as E. carnea ‘Mrs Samuel Doncaster’).

Named after Emma Gertrude (nee Barber) (1853-1937), wife of Mr Doncaster, Quaker steel maker and friend of George Backhouse. Although the cultivar name originally was ‘Mrs Samuel Doncaster’, McClintock (1969) recommended using ‘Mrs Sam Doncaster’. This latter spelling is in common use, and is being proposed for conservation under the ICNCP (1995, Art. 14). The proosal was accepted by the ICNCP in November 2003.