‘Atrosanguinea, Reuthe’s Variety’

Ruby (H5) flowers, VII–VIII; dark green foliage; more or less prostrate; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm.

Introduced by G. E. Reuthe (Keston, Kent, England) in 1926, as ‘Atrosanguinea’; re-named by Maxwell & Beale, to distinguish the clone from another introduced by James Smith & Sons (Darley Dale, Derbyshire).

Named from atro- = dark; sanguineus = blood-red. The Latin name is sometimes hyphenated, atro-sanguinea (e.g. J. F. Letts (1966).) Letts also employed a colon rather than brackets (‘Atro-sanguinea: Reuthe’s Variety’). Eponym: after G. E. Reuthe.