Flower pedicels and sepals dark red, corolla bicoloured, amethyst (HI) at base shading to white and back to amethyst at lobes: VII-VIII: foliage dark green with mid-green tips in spring: habit open, upright: height 20cm: spread 15-20cm. Found as a seedling by Mrs Petterssen in July 1993 on the island of Misje, west of Bergen, Norway. Named after her late friend, the poet Olav H. Hauge (d. 1994) who wrote “Ogmund rides home”. Ogmund was a 13th century merchant-venturer from Mrs Petterssen’s village who became a Crusader in Jerusalem. Registered 10 October 1995: Mrs E. B. Petterssen, Otervei 16, 5045 Skjoldtun, Norway.