‘John Tucker’

Flowers in 3s in leaf axils; corolla white, narrow-urceolate, to 4.5mm long, c. 2.5mm diameter (c. 1.5mm at throat); anthers dark brown, exserted a little; calyx and pedicel white; II-V; upright shrub, 0.5(-l)m tall; foliage glossy, dark green.Seedling raised probably in the late 1980s or early 1990s by John R. Tucker (d. July 2006) (Worthing, Sussex); subsequently propagated vegetatively.

The origin of the seed is uncertain: it was said to have come from South Africa, which is highly improbable. The plant was originally labelled “Erica longifolium”, but subsequently identified as Erica multiflora. Established here. Registered on 1 October 2006 by The Registrar, The Heather Society.