Flowers large, 0.7 cm long, amethyst above (HI), paler underneath, with prominent ruby (H5) recurved lobes, about 10 in each large cluster; VII-VIII; foliage grey-green. Leaves to 0.5cm long, to 0.2 cm broad at base, obovate, tapering gradually towards tip, with numerous long, glandular cilia, and woolly short hairs on upper side, margins not fully recurved so that lower surface is visible (sinus about 0.1cm wide), lower surface white; young shoots appearing white, covered with woolly short hairs and long cilia; older shoots tinged pink, later pale brown; habit bushy, upright plant; height will probably reach over 0.5m tall if not trimmed.
Collected by D. McClintock, E. C. Nelson and D. J. Small at Brandonas de Arriba, northwest of Santiago de Compostela, La Coruna, Spain, in July 1982. Registered 7 November 1998: E. C. Nelson, Tippitiwitchet Cottage, Hall Road, Outwell, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE14 8PE, England.