‘Michael Sellers’

Flowers corolla magenta (H14), 6mm long x 3mm diameter; calyx magenta (H14), 4mm long; anthers brown; I -IV(V); foliage: mid to dark green; young growth cream; habit: vigorous plant, spreading to 0.6m, to 0.4m tall, after 10 years (not pruned). Similar to Kramers Rote but with brighter flowers and cream new growth.

Origins: Seedling (EES 77-1) raised in 1977 and selected in 1979 by Barry Sellers from among seedlings of Erica erigena ‘Superba’ that had been deliberately cross-pollinated;
pollen parent not recorded but probably Erica carnea ‘Myretoun Ruby’.

Named by Barry Sellers after his late father.

® E.2016:03  registered by Barry Sellers, Norbury, England.