Rose-pink, cup-shaped flowers, with sides parallel and without noticeable constriction below lobes, 4.2 mm; ovary squat, obovoid, 1.3mm long, 1 mm across; filament 1.5mm long, anther 1 mm long; style (when not malformed) 6mm long; VI-XI; foliage mid-green, with orange-red tips to young shoots in spring; leaves 4mm long; height 16-20cm; spread 31-45cm. Seedling from the original cross between Erica spiculifolia and Erica carnea in 1987; raised in 1990 selected by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht, Germany) and named after the German comedian, Otto Waalkes. Registered on 13 October 2002 by K. Kramer.