‘Claire Elise’

Flowers deep magenta-pink (amethyst Hl[— H12]), in short racemes; VII-X; foliage dark green, hirsute, cilia glandular; leaves in whorls of 3 or 4 or spirally arranged, pubescent when young, becoming almost glabrous; shoots with golden tips in Spring; stems hirsute with long, gland-tipped hairs, and dense, short hairs; internodes beneath racemes increase in length upwards; habit compact to 15cm tall, spread to 40cm across.
Selected seedling from deliberate cross of Erica ciliarisCorfe Castle‘ x Erica tetralixCon Underwood‘, made on 1 August 1982; first flowered in 1987; bred and selected by Dr John Griffiths. Registered on 3 October 2006 by Dr John Griffiths, Garforth, Yorkshire.