Deep lavender (H3) flowers, VIII–IX, sparse; dark green foliage; dwarf, prostrate; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm. Selected from the seedlings from a deliberate cross between’Mrs Ronald Gray‘ and ‘Foxii Nana‘; named after the introducer’s children, Valerie and Orian.

‘Van Beek’

Magenta (H14) flowers, VIII–X; greenish yellow foliage, shoots tipped yellow changing in winter to yellow with light red tints; erect; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm. A sport on ‘Finale‘ found by A. Van Beek (Loenhout, Belgium).

‘Velvet Dome’

Dwarf plant forming a dense mat of bright green foliage in summer, turning brown-green in winter; never blooms; height less than 10cm; spread 21–25cm.

Wild-collected; found near a copper mine in Cornwall, England, by J. F. Letts (Foxhollow, Windlesham, Surrey); introduced by J. F.Letts before 1968.

Name is an allusion to the habit.

‘Velvet Fascination’

White flowers, VIII–IX; downy, silver-grey foliage darkening a little in winter; erect; height 46–60cm; spread 61–75cm. A first-class plant which does not become drab in winter.


♤ Bud-bloomer; blood-red; IX-XI; foliage dark green; habit upright .

Chance seedling, found in September 2001; selected by Johannes van Leuven. Registered on 2 January 2003 by Johannes van Leuven.


♤ Bud bloomer; Calyx violet (RHS 80B); IX-XII; foliage dark green: habit erect; height after 3 years in 40 cm; spread 30 cm. Strong growth, large buds.

Origins: Selected seedling,created by Kurt Kramer (CLL 25; Kramer clone no 302nd).

® C.2008:07 registered on 6 April 2008 by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht, Germany.

‘Violet Bamford’

Pink flowers (H8), VII–VIII; yellow-green foliage, shoots tipped orange-gold in summer, turning orange-red in winter; compact, prostrate; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm. Registered 22 September 1995: Mrs W. E. S. Bamford, Haythorn Nursery, Verwood, Dorset.


♤ Bud-flowering: corolla and calyx violet; buds medium-size; IX-XII; foliage darkgreen; habit upright, very bushy, after 5 years 70cm tall, 50cm across.
Chance seedling, found by Johannes van Leuven in September 2002.

® C.2005:07 registered on 23 December 2005 by Johannes van Leuven, Ilmenweg 39, D-47608 Geldern-Liillingen, Germany


♤ Bud-bloomer; white; August-November; foliage bright green; habit broad, bushy.

Sport on ‘Dreinullvier‘, found by Kurt Kramer in 2000. Registered on 2 March 2003 by Kurt Kramer

‘Visser’s Fancy’

♤ Buds mauve (H2) at tips fading to pale lilac (H4), IX–XI; dark green foliage; erect; height 26–30cm; spread 46–60cm.

Wild-collected; found on Ginkelse Heide, near Arnhem, Netherlands, by Dr Ir T. Visser (Wageningen, Netherlands) before 1972; introduced by W. Haalboom & Zonen (Driebergen, Netherlands) by 1972.

Named after the finder, Dr T. Visser [Ericultura 60: 17 (1986)]


♤ Bud-bloomer, calyx white (“grey white (like Erica x darleyensis ‘Silberschmelze‘)”); IX-XI; foliage mid-green; habit broad, bushy. Sport on clone “Kn. 304” (here named ‘Dreinullvier‘); found in 1999 by K. Kramer. A German girl’s name.  Registered on 3 November 2002 by Kurt Kramer.