Lilac-pink (H11) flowers which darken to heliotrope (H12), with rose-pink (H7) sepals, I–IV; foliage yellow, the shoots tipped pink and bronze at various times throughout the year; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm. Similar to ‘Foxhollow‘ but generally has a weaker constitution.

Seedling; found by Alan Taylor in his aunt’s (Mrs Godbolt) garden (Altadena, Crowborough, Sussex, England) by 1973; introduced by Denbeigh Heather Nurseries (Creeting St Mary, Ipswich, Suffolk) in 1975.

Named after the house of the finder.

‘Ann Sparkes’

Rose-pink (H7) flowers darkening to heliotrope (H12), II–V; foliage orange turning crimson under cold stress, shoot tips bronze during the rest of the year; height 10–15cm; spread 21–25cm.. Distinctive and recommended;

Sport from ‘Vivellii‘ found by J. W. Sparkes at Beechwood Nursery (Beoley, Redditch, Worcestershire, England) about 1955, and introduced by Sparkes after 1964.

Named after two sisters-in-law of J. W. Sparkes.



Pink (H8) flowers darkening to heliotrope (H12), I–V; gold foliage throughout the year, shoots tipped orange in spring; neat compact habit; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm.

Introduced by C. Verboom (Boskoop, Netherlands) by 1928.

Name aureus = golden yellow, after the colour of the foliage.

‘Aztec Gold’

Shell-pink (H16) flowers darken to heliotrope (H12), I–IV; golden yellow foliage in summer, turning deep gold with orange and bronze tints in winter; bushy compact habit; height 20cm; spread 35cm.

Chance seedling found in pot of Erica carnea ‘Treasure Trove’ by David Edge in 2003 at Forest Edge Nurseries.

‘Barry Sellers’

Deep pink (H8) flowers darkening to magenta (H14), I–IV; yellow foliage turns orange in cold weather; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm.

This has the deepest flower colour amongst the yellow-foliaged winter heaths. Less vigorous than ‘Foxhollow‘.

Raised by Barry Sellers from seed collected from Erica carneaAurea‘, found by Barry Sellers (Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, England) in 1977; introduced by Otters’ Court Heathers (West Camel, Somerset) by 1988.

Named after Barry Sellers, the raiser, a member of The Heather Society.

‘Bell’s Extra Special’

Heliotrope (H12) flowers, I–V, sparse; distinctive whisky-coloured foliage, flecked with orange and gold; neat tidy habit; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm. Recommended. Bred by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht, Germany) using ‘Myretoun Ruby‘ as one of the parents. Named after the famous blended whisky, and marketed in Europe under the trade designation Whisky.

‘Branton Bamford’

Flowers heliotrope: II-IV; flower buds sparse, in racemes approximately 2 cm long towards the centres of long, trailing stems: foliage yellow/ green in summer: habit  semi-prostrate. A sport on Erica carnea ‘Pink Cloud’ found in Haythorne Nursery in 1992. Registered 22 September 1995: Mrs W. E. S. Bamford, Haythorne Nursery, Verwood, Dorset.

‘Dorset Sunshine’

Flowers opening lilac-pink (H11), darkening to magenta (H14) (as in ‘Wintersonne’); III-V; foliage deep golden in summer, turning lime-green in winter; habit compact (as its parent); height 15cm; spread 25cm after 3 years (not pruned).

Sport on ‘Wintersonne’ found in 2007 at Forest Edge Nurseries by David Edge.

Named by Kurt Kramer.

® E.2010:12 registered on 8 December 2010 by David Edge, Woodlands, Wimborne, Dorset.


Heliotrope (H12) to shell-pink (H16) flowers, depending on the exposure to the sun, I–IV; yellow foliage which deepens to orange-red in very cold weather, shoots tipped bronze for most of the year; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm.

Seedling amongst Erica carnea ‘Aurea’; found at Foxhollow (Windlesham, Surrey, England) by J. F. Letts by 1969; introduced by J. F. Letts. The holotype of f. aureifolia D. C. McClintock was from ‘Foxhollow’.

Named after the finder’s home and nursery.

‘Gelber Findling’

Pink flowers, I–III; orange-green foliage and shoots tipped yellow in summer; compact; height 10–15cm; spread 21–25cm In habit similar to ‘Lesley Sparkes‘, which has greener foliage.

Chance seedling found in his garden by Fritz Kircher (Hamburg, Germany).

Name means the yellow foundling.

Registered 1 September 1994: Fritz Kircher, Hamburg, Germany.

‘Gelderingen Gold’

Crimson (H13) flowers, II–IV; yellow-green foliage in summer, taking on a bronze tinge in winter; broad, spreading habit. A selected seedling from a deliberate cross between ‘Foxhollow‘ and ‘Myretoun Ruby‘ made by H. M. J. Blum (Gelderingen, Steenwijkerwold, Netherlands) in 1984. Gelderingen is the part of Steenwijkerwold where Herman Blum lives. Registered on 29 October 2002 by J. G. Flecken and G. van Hoef.

‘Golden Starlet’

White flowers, XII–III; foliage glowing yellow in summer turning lime-green in winter; neat, compact, spreading habit; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm. Recommended. Selected from a deliberate cross between ‘Foxhollow‘ and ‘Snow Queen‘, made by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht, Germany).


Dark lilac-pink (H11) flowers, darkening to heliotrope (H12), XII–II; green-gold foliage in summer changing to orange-red in winter; compact; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm. A sport from ‘Praecox Rubra‘.

‘January Sun’

Pink flowers, XII–III, sparse; golden foliage; very compact; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm. A slow-growing plant suitable for tubs and window boxes, a sport from ‘Winter Beauty‘.

Found by A. Berg (Dunton Basset, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England) about 1973; introduced by Bressingham Gardens (Diss, Norfolk) by 1982.

Name is an allusion to the foliage colour.

‘Jennie Nimlin’

Flowers heliotrope (H12), calyx slightly darker than corolla; III-V (in Sweden); foliage green, yellow and orange in Spring, later deep golden; habit compact, to 15cm tall, to 30cm across in 4 years. Overall appearance is softer than any other Erica carnea.
Chance seedling in John Proudfoot’s garden, Methven, Perthshire, Scotland, c. 1995. Registered on 13 February 2005, by Brita Johansson, Musselvagen 3, 468 34 Vargon, Sweden.

‘Margareta Dahlin’

Flowers smaller than usual: corolla magenta (H14), calyx deep magenta (H14); III-V (in Sweden); earliest cultivar to flower in Sweden; foliage deep rusty in Spring, later deep golden; habit spreading to 15cm tall, 40cm across in 5 years.
Seedling; found and propagated by John Proudfoot, Almondel Nursery, Methven, Perthshire, Scotland, c. 1995. Registered on 13 February 2005, by Brita. Johansson Musselvagen 3, 468 34 Vargon, Sweden.


Flowers pale pink; foliage yellow-green, turning orange in winter; habit more compact than ‘Foxhollow‘.

A seedling raised by nurseryman, P. Bakuysen, Boskoop.

‘Netherfield Orange’

White flowers turning pink, II–III; gold foliage deepening to orange in winter, and the young shoots tipped yellow; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm.

Found as a seedling in a bed of ‘Springwood White‘; found by H. H. Ballantyne (Netherfield Fruit Farm, near Beeswing, Dumfries, Scotland) by 1985; introduced by H. H. Ballantyne.

Named after the nursery where it originated, at Dumfries, Scotland.

‘Rosalinde Schorn’

White flowers, II–III; yellow foliage throughout the year; broad spreading habit; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm.

A chance seedling; found by H. Schorn (Hellendoorn, Netherlands) in 1981; introduced by P. G. Zwijnenburg (Boskoop, Netherlands) in 1985.

Named after the finder’s daughter.


Magenta (H14) flowers, I–V; greenish gold foliage in spring with striking orange-red shoots in early summer; spreading compact habit; height 15cm; spread 30cm.

Chance seedling found by Jos Flecken in 2004 in his garden at Kerkrade.

Named after Ryan Doveren (born 2000), grandson of finder, son of Colette Flecken and John Doveren.

® E.2008:07 registered on 3 July 2008 by J. G. Flecken, Kerkrade, Netherlands.


Flowers single, small, crowded on shoot tips in dense spike; corolla c. 5mm long, rose pink (H7); calyx paler, lobes to 2.5mm long; anthers dark; I-IV; foliage “lemon yellow” throughout the year (RHSCC 145A Yellow-green group: plant from shadehouse in December); leaves to 10mm long; habit compact shrub to 15cm tall, 25 cm across in 3 years (not pruned).

Sport on ‘Saskia’ found by David Edge in 2015 at Forest Edge Nurseries.

Named by David Edge after his daughter-in-law, mother of Saskia.

® E.2016:04 Registered on 7th of December 2016 by David Edge, Forest Edge Nurseries, Wimborne, Dorset.

‘Sunshine Rambler’

Pink (H8) darkening to heliotrope (H12), II–IV; bright yellow foliage tinged red in winter; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm.

Seedling; found in Mrs Olive Cowan’s garden (Petherton, Temple Close, Moor Park, Farnham, Surrey, England); introduced by G. B. Rawinsky (Primrose Hill Nursery, Haslemere, Surrey) in 1971 as ‘either carnea or darleyensis type’.

Name alludes to the foliage colour.

‘Tybesta Gold’

Mauve (H2) flowers darkening to pale purple (H10), I–IV; gold foliage; vigorous, trailing habit; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm. Ideal for hanging baskets.

Seedling from Erica carnea ‘Springwood White’; raised by J. Anderson (Broadhurst Nursery, Grampound, Truro, Cornwall, England) in 1975; introduced by Anderson by 1980.

Tybesta is the Roman (Latin) name for Grampound.

‘Vivellii Aurea’

Deep rose-pink (H7) flowers, II–IV; dark bronze-green foliage in winter becoming “Old Gold” in summer (when it closely resembles ‘Ann Sparkes‘); more open habit than the latter but more floriferous; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm.

A sport from ‘Vivellii‘. Found by O. Schröder (Ekern, Germany) in 1957.

Name of the parent cultivar; aureus = golden yellow

‘Westwood Yellow’

Shell-pink (H16) flowers darkening to heliotrope (H12), II–IV; foliage yellow throughout the year; compact upright habit; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm. Less prone to foliage-burn in spring than most other yellow-leaved winter heaths.

Seedling; found in John Letts’ garden in 1973; he gave it to Windlesham Court Nursery (Windlesham, Surrey, England); introduced by Windlesham Court Nursery in 1977.

Named after Westwood Road, Windlesham, Surrey where John Letts lived.

‘Winter Gold’

Pink (H8) flowers darkening to lilac-pink (H11), large, II–IV; bright gold foliage; spreading habit; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm. One of the hardier winter heaths with golden foliage.