Flowers large, corolla and calyx white: XI-IV; foliage bright green; habit broad, upright; height 35cm; spread 40cm after 3 years.

Seedling raised by Kurt Kramer in 1999.

® E.2010:06 registered on 14 June 2010 by Kurt Kramer. Edewecht, Germany.

Named from a maiden name.


Corolla white; XI-II; foliage green; habit bushy. Flowers 2 times larger than its original variety.

Sport on ‘Silberschmelze‘ found at Vaud, Switzerland, in 1998 by Henri Bregeon.

® E.2007:10 registered 25 June 2007 by Olivier Pantin, SAPHO, Les Islettes 49250 La Menitre, France, on behalf of Aurelie, Gaelle & Pierrick Bregeon.

Name derivation unknown

‘Golden Perfect’

Flower white; calyx green; XI-V; foliage pure yellow, yellow-green in Winter, does not burn in sun; habit broad, spreading, more compact than most Erica x darleyensis; height 40cm; spread 70cm.

Sport on ‘White Perfection‘, found by Albert Bosch in 1995 at nursery. Registered on 29 October 2006 by Albert Bosch, Westerlee, Netherlands.

Named from foliage colour and origin (sport on ‘White Perfection‘)

‘Raye’s Gold’

Corolla white, calyx brown; VI-VIII (southern hemisphere); foliage bright gold throughout the year (as yet there has not been any evidence of reversion or scorching in temperatures often above 30°C); habit spreading.

Branch sport on an unidentified white-flowered cultivar (not extant) believed to have been Erica x darlyensis (but more likely to have been Erica carnea ‘Springwood White’); found in 2001 by C. Gill in his garden in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Registered on 18 November 2004 by Chris Gill, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Named by Mr Gill after his late wife Raye.

‘Snow Surprise’

Flowers clear white; III-V, corolla 5mm long, 2.5mm across; anthers dark brown; calyx white, 2.5mm long; foliage light green; height 25cm; spread 30cm after 3 years (not pruned).

Sport on ‘White Spring Surprise‘ in winter 2007; found by Kurt Kramer; introduced autumn 2011.

® E.2014:02 registered on January 2014 by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht-Süddorf, Germany.

‘Ada S. Collings’

White flowers; XII–V; dark green foliage; compact habit; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm.

Introduced, as Erica carnea, by C. E. J. Stibbington (St Albans, Hertfordshire, England) by 1960.

Name derivation unknown


White flowers; XI–III; large (to 6mm long) flowers; mid-green foliage; strong but compact habit; height 35cm; spread 60cm.

Deliberately raised by Peter Bingham (Gedney, Lincolnshire).

Named after one of his sons, Mark (his nickname is Bing).

® E.2007:13 registered in 2007 by Peter Bingham, Gedney, Lincolnshire, UK.


Flowers white, free flowering; I-V: foliage mid-green; compact habit; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm.

An improvement on ‘Silberschmelze‘ from which it was a sport; found by J. Wilson (Oliver & Hunter, Moniaive, Dumfries, Scotland); introduced by Oliver & Hunter in 1978.

Named after a locality in Dumfriesshire, in the Moniaive area. Originally named ‘Snowdrift’, a name already in use in this denomination group.

‘N. R. Webster’

White flowers; XII–IV; dark green foliage; height 26–30cm; spread 31–45cm. Similar to ‘Silberschmelze’ but blooms slightly earlier.

Seedling; found by N. R. Webster at his former home, Glencairn, Elgin, Scotland, before 1954; introduced by Slieve Donard Nursery (Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland) by 1960.

Named after  Norman Webster (this is the correct name, not ‘Norman R. Webster’). Note: This is difficult to distinguish from Erica x darleyensisSilberschmelze‘.