Erica mackayana ‘Susie’s Blush’

Buds relatively long and narrow, slightly curved; corolla white at base flushed pale pink towards tip (deeper pink in bud); style tip dark red; anthers brown (darker than ‘Shining Light’).

Flowers: (June) July–September in cultivation.

Bushy heather which responds well to pruning, with vigorous upright shoots to 0.35m tall, to 0.5m across (after 8 years in cultivation; pruned); leaves densely and evenly arranged on shoots, bright green, paler than ‘Shining Light’; marginal cilia may be gland-tipped.

A selection from wild plants growing near Cabo de Peñas, Asturias, northern Spain, noticed by members of The Heather Society during a field trip in 2007.

Named as a compliment to Susie Kay, Conference Manager of The Heather Society, in whose Connemara garden it has been grown, and who has propagated it.

Not available commercially as yet, but one to look out for.