‘Sun Seeker’

Flowers single, purple (H10) relatively few; V-IX; foliage pale “golden-yellow” (RHS CC 144A-B, Yellow-green Group: plant from shade-house in December), brightest in summer; leaves crowded on shoots; more or less glabrous with a few very small, gland-tipped hairs above, oval to obovate, to 8 × 6mm, acute, felted and silvery underneath; larger thanGolden Imp; habit bushy, upright shrub, to 30cm tall, 35 cm across after 3 years (not pruned).

Garden seedling found by David Edge in 2014 at Forest Edge Nurseries.

Named by David Edge.

® D.2016:02 Registered on 7th December 2016 by David Edge, Forest Edge Nurseries, Wimborne, Dorset.