Erica x mercatoris



Flowers rose-pink (H7) to heliotrope (H12) in terminal racemes, 20–30 per cluster; IV:VI and often also IX;XI; foliage dark green almost spirally arranged or in disarticulated whorls of 3 or 4; habit upright; height 30cm; spread 30cm. Another (nursery code 04-59-6) of the seedlings raised by Kurt Kramer in 2004 from unnamed “pink” seedling of Erica manipuliflora deliberately pollinated by an unnamed “crimson” seedling of Erica spiculifolia. This name is chosen as the German equivalent of carillon, a musical instrument comprising a collection of at least 23 bells. ® DME 2018–05: Registered 29 September 2018, by E C Nelson, England. See The June 2019 RHS publication The Plantsman for more details.