Recent publications

  1. Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 36 (1) April 2019.

plate 905 Erica erigena watercolour and graphite by Deborah Lambkin (E. erigena at Blacksod Bay, Mayo), pen and ink by Joanna Langhorne, text by Charles Nelson

Actually both images are reprinted from Hardy Heathers of the Northern Hemisphere, by Charles Nelson, with re-edited text (with additional information).



  1. 2. Priscilla Burgoyne, 10 new southern Cape treasures. Veld & Flora 105 (June 2019): 32–33. 

Illustrated (photo figure D) is Erica viscosissima “listed as vulnerable, was another plant discovered quite by accident – this time on a Sunday afternoon stroll around hills near the Gouritz Mouth. this re-seeder benefitted from burning in 2018. This population is now flourishing with a quick population count of 45 seedlings per two square metres.” 

[A “Minor”, renamed in 2000 by Ted Oliver.]