Heathers 12: Yearbook of The Heather Society 2015

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Heathers 12: 2015


The view from Lullington Heath, high on the South Downs, East Sussex, looking west north west towards Firle Beacon. The ploughed, arable land on the other side of Oldkiln Bottom, calcareous woodland and scrub beyond the wire fence and gorse illustrate the threats to the chalk heath in the foreground and its soil profile. Hence the importance of the management strategy by Natural England to protect this outstanding example of a rare and vulnerable habitat with its rich flora and fauna. © Richard Canovan.


  • DAPHNE EVERETT: Thirty years at The Bannut – or, a (lack of) foresight saga
  • MOLLY HALL: Diary of propagating an unusual bell heather: Erica cinerea ‘Molly Rose’
  • JAMES R. MACKAY: The making of our third heather garden
  • E. G. H. OLIVER : Looking for Spanish heathers
  • MICHAEL D. PIRIE: Tree heathers and heather trees; or advanced coalescence theory for Erica enthusiasts
  • DONALD A. M. MACKAY: Deer and other heather-eaters – teeth and stomachs
  • HELMUT HIEDL & KATHARINA HIEDL: Erica gracilis: breeding new cultivars and frost-protection irrigation in our nursery
  • PETER C. BARNARD & E. CHARLES NELSON: The heathers of John Curtis’s British entomology
  • RICHARD CANOVAN: Chalk heath
  • Proceedings of The Heather Society 2014.
  • ANNABEL DARNTON (with photographs by LEIGH DARNTON): 43rd Heather Society Gathering, 12–15 September 2014
  • Supplement XV (2015) to International register of heather names [click here for pdf]
  • JENS KJÆRBØL: ‘Stardust Muxoll’: a new St Dabeoc’s heath (reg. no. D.2011.01)
  • Recent publications