‘Alba ‘

More than one white-flowered clone is in cultivation under this name; VI-X; given this mixture these would best be labelled Daboecia cantabrica f. alba unless they can definitely be identified as a named cultivar.

‘Alba Globosa’

White, globular flowers; VI-IX; mid-green foliage; compact habit; height 31-45cm; spread 61-75cm.

‘Alberta White’

Flowers single, corolla white, 12x8mm; calyx bright green; VI-IX; foliage bright green; habit erect.

Selected seedling from cross between ‘Bellita‘ and ‘Alba‘; selected by Kurt Kramer in Summer 2002. Registered on 3 August 2003 by Kurt Kramer.
Named by Heidespezialbetrieb Marohn & Hager, Tanger Hauptstrafie 45, D-26689 Apen-Tange.

‘April Fool’

White flowers borne freely; V-X; mid-green foliage; height 21-25cm; spread 46-60cm. The earliest D. cantabrica to bloom.

‘One which … did not really show its virtue until April 1972 when with the other Daboecias still fast asleep, it was growing vigorously and carrying lovely white bells.’*

Seedling; raised from supposedly pure D. cantabrica seed by Don Richards (Rydal Mount, Eskdale, Cumbria, England) sown in 1969; ‘I call this plant ‘April Fool’, but it ever marketed, ‘Early Bride’ might be more attractive.

This is the original name, and must be retained. The alternative name ‘Early Bride’ must not be used; a proposal to conserve it against ‘April Fool’ was rejected by the ICNCP in November 2003.



White flowers; VI-IX; light green foliage; height 35cm; spread 60cm. More compact than many of the other whites with smaller flowers but it is much more floriferous.

Seedling; raised, selected and introduce by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht-Siiddorf, Germany, by 1992. Ref: Ericultura 87: 22 (1992).

A fantasy name.

‘Celtic Snow’

Flowers white, in one-sided racemes to 3.5cm long, pedicels light green; VII-X; new foliage light green throughout the year, mature foliage mid-green throughout the year; habit prostrate spreading; height 7cm; spread 45cm; stems light green, hoary ageing to brown, glabrous.

Wild-collected; found by David McLaughlin (Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland) on The Sky Road, Clifden, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland, in August 1991; named and introduced by David McLaughlin. Registered 14 September 1998: D. McLaughlin, 51 Glenpark Road, Omagh, County Tyrone BT79 7SS, Northern Ireland.

The names of David McLaughlin’s Daboecia selections all start with the word Celtic; snow refers to the flower colour.

‘Creeping White’

White flowers; VI-X; bright green foliage; height 26-30cm; spread 31-45cm. The habit is not so prostrate as the name suggests.

‘David Moss’

Free-flowering, white; VI-X; dark glossy green foliage; height 31-45cm; spread 31-45cm.

Presumably a seedling; named and introduced by W. Moss (Afonwen, Mold, Flintshire, Wales).

Named after W. Moss’s son.

‘Early Bride’

Correct name ‘April Fool‘. See Supplement to International register of heather names – IV (2004) in Heathers 1: 64 (2004).


White flowers; VI-X; bright, mid-green foliage; broader in habit than ‘David Moss’ but equally floriferous; height 31-45cm; spread 61-75cm.

Seedling raised and introduced by 1971 by Messrs George Jackman (Woking, Surrey, England).

Name alludes to the flower colour.

‘Stardust Muxoll’

❁ Flowers “double” (densely packed with petaloid segments), white, due to “doubling” the flowers seem whiter than any single cultivar; VI-X; pedicels not recurving but remaining erect or sharply ascending (as in Daboecia cantabrica f. blumii) so the flowers are not pendent at maturity; corolla 9mm long, 9mm diameter, not shed after flowering, broadly urn-shaped; calyx green, sepals to 3mm long; foliage green throughout the year; habit spreading; height 25cm; spread 35cm (after 4 years not pruned). Deliberately raised seedling from ‘Charles Nelson’ (pollen parent) × ‘White Blum’ made in 1998 by Jens Kjærbøl.

® D.2011:01 registered on 12 July 2011 by Jens Kjærbøl, Bryrup, Denmark.

‘Tom Pearce’

Very large (to 2cm long) white flowers; VI-X; foliage large, fresh green; height to 80cm; spread to 1m. Seedling raised and selected at Berrydown Nurseries, Gidleigh, Devon, England; introduced by 1994.

‘White Blum’

White flowers; VII-X; bright green foliage; narrow erect habit; height 26-30cm; spread 31-45cm. One of the best whites.

‘White Carpet’

White flowers; VI-X; bright green foliage; spreading habit; height 10-15cm; spread 46-60cm.