Flowers single,corolla white; VII-IX; calyx lobes green, unequal, fused only at base;  4-lobed; lobes with very sparse hairs in bud; stamens 8, short; filaments ±2mm long, free or variously and irregularly fused in groups of 2-3; anthers small, thecae pale red when young turning pale tan; foliage light green; young shoots yellow; habit  low-growing; height ±15cm: spread 30cm after 4 years.
Deliberately bred seedling raised in 1986 from crosses made the year before; Erica tetralixAlba Mollis‘ x Erica vagansLyonesse‘.

® E.2007:09 registered on 12 June 2007 by David Wilson, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.


Pink (H8) flowers, VII–X, sparse; mid-green foliage, young shoots tipped brilliant yellow in spring; open spreading habit; height 21–25cm; spread 31–45cm.

Found at Cow-y-Jack near Coverack on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall by Andrew Byfield, 18 August 1984; propagated and introduced by Denbeigh Heather Nurseries. By far the best clone of Williams’s heath for coloured spring shoots.

Named after the place in Cornwall where it was found.

‘Croft Pascoe’

Pink flowers, VII–X; mid-green foliage, young shoots with yellow tips in spring; height 21–25cm; spread 31–45cm. Found near Croft Pascoe Pool, The Lizard, Cornwall, in 1981 Mrs Cherry Turpin.

‘David Coombe’

Shell-pink (H16) flowers, VII–X; mid-green foliage, young growth yellow; height 26–30cm; spread 46–60cm. Similar to, but more upright than ‘Gwavas’. Found by David Coombe in the Lizard National Nature Reserve near Penhale, Cornwall.

‘Gew Graze’

Pink (H8) to shell-pink (H16) flowers, VII–XI, the stamens malformed and contorted; mid-green foliage; broad upright habit; height 21–25cm; spread 31–45cm.

Wild-collected; found at Gew-graze on The Lizard, Cornwall, England, by Mrs Jean Paton, Mrs Barbara Garratt and Mrs J. Yorston on 8 September 1974; propagated and introduced by 1988.

Named after the place where it was found.


Shell-pink (H16) flowers, VII–XI; mid-grey-green foliage, new shoots yellow; height 16–20cm; spread 31–45cm. Found by Miss Waterer on Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall, when staying at Gwavas Farm, near Cadgwith.

‘Jean Julian’

Pink (H8) flowers; VII–XI; foliage mid-green, young shoots yellow and this colour persists well into summer; habit neat semi–prostrate; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm. Found by Jean Julian (Mrs Jean Preston) at Kynance Cove, Cornwall, in 1999. Named after the finder, Honorary Secretary of The Heather Society at that time. Registered on 1 November 2001 by David Small.


‘Lizard Downs’

Pale pink flowers, VIII–X; grey-green foliage; compact spreading habit; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm.

Wild-collected (plant 6); found above Kynance Cove on The Lizard, Cornwall, England, by Dr Alan Leslie and R. Bradshaw on 20 August 1975; introduced by 1993 through Cambridge University Botanic Gardens.

Named after the place where it was discovered.