Heathers 13: Yearbook of the Heather Society 2016

Main Contents

Heathers 13: 2017


April in Hellesøy, western Norway; part of a winter-flowering heather bed on a slope with Erica × darleyensis ‘Kramers Rote’, ‘White Perfection’ and ‘Darley Dale’, and E. carnea ‘Whisky’ and ‘Winterfreude’ in bloom, plus Hebe, Bergenia and Rhododendron ‘Frost Hexe’ (right). Photograph by Egil Asbjørn Sæle.


  • Frontispiece: Japanese “fireworks”: new seedlings of Cape heaths by Takayuki Kobayashi
  • YVETTE HARVEY & LOUISE O’BEIRNE : Wisley’s painting of award winning heathers
  • E. C. NELSON : Erica x factitia, a hand-made, winter-flowering, hardy heather
  • M. NOBLE : Invasive heaths and heathers in Tasmania
  • J. McCOLL : Let’s hear it for heathers!
  • J. HALL : Winter-flowering Erica AGM trials
  • D. MACKAY : Who was St Dabeoc?
  • J. ROBERTS : Erica terminalis naturalized in Warwickshire
  • J CRELLIN : Daboecia cantabrica naturalized in Brecknock
  • HELEN TODD & BRIAN BERRY : Anne Berry (Erica cinerea ‘Anne Berry’)
  • R. CANOVAN : Growing Erica erigena, Irish heath
  • D. EDGE : Compost trials
  • H. FUNK : Conrad Gessner’s description and drawing of Erica carnea (mountain heath, Schneeheide) from the sixteenth century
  • E. C. NELSON : H.E. Beale
  • S.-B. SÖRENSSON : Pure curiosity
  • Supplement XVI (2016) to International register of heather names. (click here for PDF)
  • Proceedings of the Heather Society 2015: 44th Annual Gathering 10–14 September 2015