❁ Bright red flowers; VIII-IX; foliage dark green; habit erect; height 30cm; spread 40cm.


❁ Double flowers darker red than ‘Annemarie‘; IX–X; dark green foliage; height 46–60cm; spread 46–60cm.

Sport on ‘Annemarie‘; found by Jürgen de Vries (Apen, Germany); introduced in 1998.

‘Judy Wiksten’

Flowers heliotrope (H12), single; IX-X; foliage bright yellow in summer, with bright yellow young growth; habit upright, bushy; height 30cm; spread 30cm across after 4 years. Selected from mixed seedlings, raised from open-pollinated plants. “No other Calluna cultivar as this combination of heliotrope flowers and soft yellow foliage.” Judy loved heather and she loved Sweden. She deserved to be commemorated by a beautiful Swedish plant.
Published in the Bulletin of The Heather Society 8 (6: Autumn 2015): 10-11, front cover; URL www.heatherworld.org/new-heathers (posted 24 October 2015).

® C.2015.08 registered on 21 September 2015 by Brita Johansson, Musselvägen 3, 46834 Vargön, Sweden.

‘Janina’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowering; buds amethyst (H1), to 5mm long; VIII-XII; foliage dark green with paler new growth; habit spreading and hanging; height 10cm; spread 25cm after 3 years (pruned). Sport on ‘Amethyst’ found by Gerhard Martens, Kalkar, in autumn 2010 between unnamed seedlings, selected in 2008. Has bigger buds than ‘Madonna’ and is more resistant against fungi.

® C.2013:02 registered on 17 March 2013 by K. Kramer, Edewecht-Süddorf, Germany.

‘Juliette’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowering, rose-pink (H7), colour between ‘Anette’ and ‘Jette’; buds 4mm × 1.5mm; VIII-XII; foliage light green; habit bushy; height 25cm; spread 30cm after 3 years.

Sport on ‘Anette’ found by Wilfred Holzwart, Hoisdorf, in Autumn 2007.

® C.2011:01 registered on 16 January 2011 by K. Kramer, Edewecht, Germany.

‘Julie Bradbury’

Flowering is very early in the season, dying off before many of my “normal” Calluna come into flower; and spring tips develop into bright red branches until the appearance of buds signals a return to more normal dark green. Plants attain about 20cms tall x 40cms across after three years.

Named ‘Julie Bradbury’ in recognition of the very helpful Brentwood Farm Nursery at Charlesworth. Unfortunately, the nursery no longer deals with heathers, having grown a couple of dozen cuttings for me, so it looks as though it will not be developed, the only plants being in my own garden and that of a neighbour.

® C.2007.04 registered 26 October 2007 by Dr Colin Rogers, Tintwistle, Glossop, Derbyshire

‘Juliane’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowering; calyx red; VIII-XII; foliage dark green; habit upright. Late blooming with long durability. Deliberately bred seedling from ‘Amethyst‘ and “97-18-15”; raised and selected by Kurt Kramer.

® C.2006:08  registered 25 December 2006 by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht, Germany.

‘Jette’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-bloomer, bright red; VIII-XI; foliage bright green; habit broad, upright.

Sport on ‘Anette‘; found in 2000 by Heinz Tuber (Siidlohner Damm 15, Gescher). Registered on 8 July 2003 by Kurt Kramer.


Mauve (H2) flowers, XI–I(–V but very rarely); dark green foliage; height 26–30cm; spread 31–45cm. Unusual, but not of great garden value. Named after both the finder, Mrs J. Longstaffe, and the month when found.

‘Jan Dekker’

Mauve (H2) flowers, VIII–IX; downy grey foliage; spreading habit; height 10–15cm; spread 26–30cm. One of the best grey heathers.

Seedling; found by J. B. A. Dekker (Mijdrecht, Netherlands) by 1974; introduced by P.G. Zwijnenburg (Boskoop, Netherlands) in 1974.

Named after the finder.