Flowers purple (H10), single, small; VIII-X(early); foliage in summer green tinged bronze, bronze more pronounced in young growth; individual leaves very small, and congested on stems; shoots very neatly 4-sided; habit upright, bushy; height 22cm; spread 22cm after 4 years not pruned. Selected from mixed seedlings, raised from open-pollinated plants. “No other cultivar has this combination of foliage and flower colour.” Eko means echo in England: “once seen one will recall it”.

Published in Heather news quarterly 37 (4: Fall 2014): 11 (name only); URL www.heatherworld.org/new-heathers (posted 24 October 2015).

® C.2015.10 registered on 21 September 2015 by Sten-Börje Sörensson, Almvägen 7, 475 51 Hönö, Sweden.


Extreme dwarf, dark green foliage; looks like a ball of moss.

Sport (witch’s broom) on ‘Martha Hermann‘, in Sweden by a friend of Brita Johansson in 1990.

Named after the finder’s husband.

‘Elisa’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowering; buds white, 5mm long; IX-XII; foliage light green; habit bushy, broad; height 30cm; spread 35cm after 3 years (pruned).

Deliberately raised cross by Kurt Kramer, made in 2008 between unnamed seedlings, selected in 2009.

® C.2013:07 registered on 8 December 2013 by K. Kramer, Edewecht-Süddorf, Germany.

‘Emma ‘ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Flowers-buds white, 4mm long, 1.5mm across; IX-X; foliage dark green with mid-green new growth; habit upright; height 30cm; spread 25cm after 3 years (pruned). Grows without problems in hot summers.
PBR granted on 20 January 2011. Deliberately raised seedling made in October 2007 by Helmut Hiedl; selected in October 2008. ® C.2014.03 : registered on 9 January 2014 by Helmut Hiedl, Altrusried-Krugzell, Germany.


Pale purple (H10) flowers, VIII–IX; light green foliage; new growth is creamy white and red retained into the summer; open upright habit; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm.

Seedling; found by S. Ketelaar (Nieuwegein, Netherlands) about 1976; introduced by P.G. Zwijnenburg (Boskoop, Netherlands) in 1982.

Name alluding to the foliage colour and season. The name is hyphenated.

‘Eckart Miessner’

Magenta (H14) flowers, deepening to crimson (H13), VIII–IX; mid-green foliage; broad, erect habit; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm.

Sport on ‘Carmen‘: found by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht-Süddorf, Germany) in 1982, and introduced by K. Kramer in 1987.

Named after Herr Miessner (1910-1972) wrote the first German book on heathers in 1970 (Der Heidegarten 20: 4-11 (1986)). German orthography is ‘Eckart Mießner’.

‘Edith Godbolt’

Lilac-pink (H11) flowers, VIII–IX; mid-green foliage. Very floriferous. Named after an aunt of Sqn. Ldr. A. Taylor who found it in her garden at Crowborough, East Sussex, England; height 31–45cm; spread 61–75cm.

‘E. F. Brown’

Pale (H3) lavender flowers, IX–XII, with mid-green foliage; upright; height 21–25cm; spread 31–45cm. A good late cultivar.

Found by E. F. Brown in Germany before 1966; introduced in the USA

Named after the finder, an American airman, friend of Letts.

‘E. Hoare’

Crimson (H13) flowers, VIII–X; dark green foliage; less graceful but more compact than ‘C. W. Nix’; height 10–15cm; spread 31–45cm.


White flowers, VIII–IX; mid-green foliage, with striking yellow young shoots in spring; compact, erect habitt; height 26–30cm; spread 31–45cm.

Introduced Mrs P. Rodwell (Upminster Lodge Nurseries, Upminster, Essex, England) in 1995.