♤ Bud-flowering (Knospenblüher), white, VIII-X; foliage: silvery green; habit: upright, bushy, to 50cm × 50cm after 4 years (pruned). Buds relatively large, pure white; early blooming and long-lasting; very vigorous.

A deliberately raised seedling (VL 11-00012); cross made in 2010; selected in September 2011 by J. van Leuven.

® C.2017:01 registered on 20 June 2017 by J. van Leuven, Geldern-Lüllingen, Germany.

‘Aurelia’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ White buds; IX-XII; foliage gold; habit broad and upright; height 40cm; spread 60cm after 3 years (not pruned). Better growth than Sandy‘; less buds, upright.

Chance sport from ‘Sandy’ found in October 2010 at Geldern by Johannes van Leuven; to be released in 2015.

® C.2013:03 registered on 25 October 2013 by J. van Leuven, Geldern-Lüllingen, Germany.


♤ Bud-flowering; small buds, densely covered, healthy and vigorous; red purple; IX-XI; foliage green; habit  upright; height 50cm; spread 50cm after 3 years (not pruned).

Deliberately raised cross by J. van Leuven, made in 2010 between unnamed seedlings, selected in September 2011; for introduction in 2015.

® C.2013:05 registered on 25 October 2013 by J. van Leuven, Geldern-Lüllingen, Germany.

‘Annes Goldzwerg’

Flowers normal, sepals and petals lavender, to 3mm long, anthers brown; VIII-IX; foliage yellow in summer, tinted orange in winter; habit trailing/weeping; height 3cm; spread trailing stems to 24cm long after 3 years.

Sport on ‘Annes zwerg’ in 2006 at Forest Edge Nurseries, Wimborne.

[NB, “Bertha” was the name given, as a joke, to the “lady” whose “hair-do”, complete with pink bows, was composed of the cultivar ‘Annes Goldzwerg’.]

® C.2010:04 registered on 7 September 2010 by David Edge, Wimborne, Dorset.

‘Amanda ‘

♤ Bud-flowering, ruby (H5; RHS 59B–60A), darker than ‘Amethyst’; VIII-IX; foliage dark green, new growth mid-green; height 30cm; spread 25cm after 3 years (pruned).

Sport from ‘Amethyst’ found in Autumn 1999 at Apen, Germany, in nursery of Marohn & Häger.

® C.2011:05 registered on 12 February 2011 by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht, Germany.


Flowers solitary on side shoots, buds pink (H8), opening shell-pink (H16); calyx lobes about 3.5mm long, broad; corolla lobes shorter, c. 3mm; foliage individual leaves less than 1mm long, mid-green, glabrous; very tightly appressed to slender and short (about 1cm long, not more than 1mm wide) side shoots, which are often not branched – the effect is of a mossy shrub; shoots tips paler, yellow-green when young.

Seedling deliberately raised and selected in 2006 by Sten-Börje Sörensson; Ally was his mother’s second name.

® C.2011:08 registered on 16 September 2011 by Sten-Börje Sörensson, Hono, Sweden.

‘Alissa Diane’

❁ double mauve flowers; VII-X; foliage gold green with orange tints; height 25cm; spread 30cm.

Sport of ‘Tib‘ from Ken Hutchins. Named after Ken Hutchins’s daughter.

® C.2008:02 registered on 24 January 2008 by K. Hutchins, Mossyrock, WA, USA.


Corolla heliotrope (H12); flowers on rust-red pedicels, single; VIII-IX; foliage lime-green with more yellow tips, turning bronze-yellow in Autumn; habit low, dense, spreading; 20cm tall, 50cm broad after 5 years because each shoot (even flowering ones) curves downwards; it does not need pruning. Very hardy.
Chance seedling found in a pot containing a “big Arran Gold‘ … used as a mother plant to take cuttings from”; found at Glimakra, about 2000.

® C.2006:02 registered on 2 January 2006 by Torgny Karlsson, Glimakra, Sweden.


♤ Bud-bloomer; rose-pink; IX-XI; foliage bright green; habit upright.

Chance seedling found in September 2001; selected by Johannes van Leuven. Submitted for plant breeders’ rights in October 2001 in Germany; Registered on 2 January 2003 by Johannes van Leuven.
Named by J. van Leuven after his god-daughter.


♤ Light purple (H10) bud-bloomer; IX-XI(XII); foliage dark green; habit bushy, compact, height 15cm; spread 20cm.

Wild-collected: found by Kurt Kramer in 1995 near Ahrensdorf. Registered on 25 July 2003 by Kurt Kramer.