‘St Patrick’

Foliage dirty green in a site facing East, where it gets morning sun only but in a position facing South, it is a bright terracotta in Spring and terracotta red in winter. The colour most noticeable in April and May.

Wild-collected sport; found on Collin Mountain near Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on St Patrick’s Day 1928 by Mr and Mrs J. W. Porter (Dundonald, County Down, Northern Ireland) as a sport on basal growth of a partly burnt plant.

Named after the patron saint of Ireland.

‘Snow White’

White flowers; VIII-XI: habit erect.

Listed by 1982; finder thought to be R. J. Brien (Pitcairngreen Heather Farm, Perthshire, Scotland).

Named, perhaps after the fairy-tale character, but probably also alluding to flower colour.

‘Salome’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowering (Knospenblüher), “salmon” (“a new colour in Calluna”); IX-XII; foliage green; habit upright, to 50cm tall × 50cm across after 4 years (pruned).

Deliberately raised seedling, raised in September 2011, selected in September 2012.

® C.2016:04. Registered on 29th December 2016 by Johannes van Leuven (Geldern, Germany).

‘Scaynes Hill’

Crimson flowers (H13); VIII-IX; foliage green tinged gold; habit broad, upright; height 45cm; spread 45cm.

Seedling; found in the garden at Scaynes Hill, West Sussex, England, before 1982 by a member of staff of Hardwicks Nurseries (Newick, Sussex, England).

Named after the village where it was found.


White flowers; IX-XI; foliage bright gren; habit compact upright; height 25cm; spread 35cm. A deliberate cross between ‘Hammondii‘ and ‘Long White‘. Raised and selected by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht-Süddorf, Germany) in 1984; introduced by Kurt Kramer 1992. Fancy name, not named after anyone in particular.

‘Sidney Spicer’

Flowers lavender (H3), single: VII-VIII: foliage summer yellow/ green: habit prostrate . Found growing in the centre of a pot of Calluna vulgaris ‘White Lawn’ but it proved impossible to determine if it was a sport or a seedling. Registered 22 September 1995: Mrs W. E. S. Bamford, Haythorne Nursery, Verwood, Dorset.

‘Späte Angie’

♤ Bud-flowering, red (H5–H6), buds small; IX-XII; foliage bright green; broad, upright habit; height 50cm; spread 50cm after 4 years.

Sport on ‘Angie’ (“blooms three weeks later than Angie’”), found by Clemens Keysers, Kevelaer in October 2010.

® C.2011:13 registered on 25 November 2011 by J. van Leuven, Geldern-Lüllingen, Germany.

‘Silvana’ (Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowerer, light pink; IX-XI; foliage silvery grey; habit upright; height 60cm; spread 50cm after 5 years.

Chance seedling, found by Johannes van Leuven at Geldem-Lullingen in September 2007. “‘Silvana’ is the first silver leaf bud heather.”

® C.2009:09 registered on 27 November 2009 by Johannes van Leuven, Geldem-Lullingen, Germany.


Flowers white; VII-VIII; foliage yellow; height 20 cm; spread  30 cm after 3 years. 

Selected seedling from ‘Oiseval‘ x ‘Gold Haze‘, created by Kurt Kramer in 1991; selected by K. Kramer in 1993 .

The name means “sun pygmy” referring to foliage colour and dwarf habit.

® C.2008:06 registered on 6 April 2008 by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht, Germany.