‘Red Hackle’

Flowers ruby (H5); VIII-IX; foliage gold; habit erect; height 30cm; spread 45cm. The erect habit helps to make it a striking plant. It was found as a seedling in 1989 in his nursery garden by John Proudfoot of Methven. Perthshire.

‘Red Rip’

Flowers deep red; IX-X; foliage dark green; habit semi-prostrate. From Ripkens Nursery, Niederrhein, Germany, before 1991.

‘Rachel Patricia’

Flowers few, mauve; foliage light green, with pink tips in spring lasting well into the summer; habit low, compact.
Seedling, raised by Stan Crabtree, Eversley Nursery, Hesketh Bank, near Preston, Lancashire; named after his grand-daughter.

‘Red Beauty’

❁ Flowers “double” in dense, long “spikes”, deep cerise red; VIII-X;  foliage dark green; habit upright heather with erect shoot;. Similar to ‘Dark Beauty’ but with lighter green foliage and redder flowers.


♤ Bud-flowering: pink (H8), buds small to medium sized: IX-XII; habit moderately robust; height 25cm; spread 30cm.

Sport on ‘Vivian’ found by Kurt Kramer in 2007.

® C.2010:03 registered on 14 June 2010 by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht, Germany.

‘Red Angie’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowerer, dark red; IX-XII; Habit bushy, upright; height 50cm  after 5 years; spread 50cm. “Darker than Angie‘.”

Sport on ‘Angie‘, found by Johannes van Leuven in September 2007.

® C.2009:08 registered on 27 November 2009 by Johannes van Leuven, Geldem-Liillingen, Germany.

‘Rote Schlesierperle’

♤ Bud-flowering: dark red; IX-XI; foliage dark green; habit Upright. Outstanding contrast with white-budded, or yellow-foliage bud-flowering cultivars. Sport on ‘Aphrodite‘ found by Frank Mittrach.

® C.2007.01 registered 23 January 2007 by Frank Mittrach, Gorlitz, Germany.

‘Ruby Sprinkles’

♤ Bud-flowering, mauve (H2); IX-XII; foliage summer green; new growth orange-red; habit upright, moderately vigorous.

Deliberately raised seedling from unnamed bud-flowering seedling pollinated by ‘Spring Torch‘, by David Wilson in 2005, selected in 2007.

® C.2010:05 registered by David Wilson, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.


Flowers pale mauve (H2), single, VIII-IX; foliage rich golden in Summer, light red in Spring; there are red tints in the foliage even in Summer; habit low, spreading, to 20cm tall, 45cm across after 5 years.

Seedling, deliberately raised in 1998 and selected by Brita Johansson.

® C.2005:03 registered on 25 August 2005 by Brita Johansson, Musselvagen 3, 468 34 Vargon, Sweden.

‘Rosann’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-bloomer; rose-pink; VIII-X; foliage bright green; habit broad, upright.

Sport on ‘Klaudine‘, found by Kurt Kramer in 2000. Registered on 8 July 2003 by Kurt Kramer.