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Wild-collected; found near Borås, southwestern Sweden, by Mats Johansson about 1982; introduced by Arthur Persson (Tostarp, Sweden) as early as 1984.

Named after the Swedish town, situated east of Göteborg, near which the plant was found [see also ‘Bosnäs’].


Flowers pink; foliage dense dark green; habit broad very hardy. Collected north-west of Bergen, Norway, by Anna Karin Breivik, c. 1990.


❁ Flowers full double, pale lilac; VIII-IX; foliage mid-green; habit broad; height 25 – 30 cms.  Sport on Calluna vulgarisFlore Pleno‘, found and propagated by John Proudfoot, Almondell Nursery, Methven, Perthshire, Scotland. Name is made up of the initials of Brita Elizabeth Johansson. The larger pale lilac flowers are a nice contrast with the foliage.

‘Bettina’ {Gardengirls®}

♤ Bud-flowering with long flowering spikes, white; IX-XII; foliage grey-green; habit very robust, upright; height 60cm; spread 50cm in 5 years.

Found in September 2007 at Geldern by Johannes van Leuven.

Named after Bettina Banse.

® C.2010:08 registered on 1 December 2010 by Johannes van Leuven, Geldern, Germany.


Flowers usually solitary on short side-shoots, lilac; foliage young stems deep crimson; leaves pale yellow-green, some developing very pale creamy tips; to 2mm long, not appressed to shoot but spreading at angle of about 45° so individual shoots are moss-like; young side shoots not branching.

Chance seedling found in 2005 by Frideborg Sörensson in her garden in Hönö and named by her son, Sten-Börje Sörensson. Bollan was his mother’s nickname.

® C.2011:07 registered on 16 September 2011 by Sten-Börje Sörensson, Hono, Sweden.

‘Bright Velvet’

Flowers white; VII-IX; foliage pure grey, without a trace of green; habit erect. Sport on ‘Velvet Fascination‘, found by Albert Bosch in 1994 on nursery.

® C.2006:05 registered on 29 October 2006 by Albert Bosch, Westerlee, Netherlands.


♤ Shell-pink (H16) buds, VIII–XII; mid-green foliage; habit erect (like ‘Melanie‘); height 31–45cm; spread 31–45cm.

‘Baby Ben’

An attractive, neat dome of green foliage tinged a reddish bronze in winter, but it never flowers; height 10–15cm; spread 10–15cm. Ideal for troughs and rockeries.

Found by David Edge at Forest Edge Nurseries in 1977; introduced by Forest Edge Nurseries in 1983.

Named by the finder, David Edge, after his son.

‘Baby Wicklow’

❁ Sparse shell-pink (H16) flowers, VIII–IX; dark green foliage; very slow-growing, forming tight compact plant; height less than 10cm; spread 10–15cm. Ideal for troughs. Dutch introduction.