Flowers single, small, crowded on shoot tips in dense spike; corolla c. 5mm long, rose pink (H7); calyx paler, lobes to 2.5mm long; anthers dark; I-IV; foliage “lemon yellow” throughout the year (RHSCC 145A Yellow-green group: plant from shadehouse in December); leaves to 10mm long; habit compact shrub to 15cm tall, 25 cm across in 3 years (not pruned).

Sport on ‘Saskia’ found by David Edge in 2015 at Forest Edge Nurseries.

Named by David Edge after his daughter-in-law, mother of Saskia.

® E.2016:04 Registered on 7th of December 2016 by David Edge, Forest Edge Nurseries, Wimborne, Dorset.


Flowers salmon (H15) without any trace of blue, single, larger than normal; II-IV; foliage dark green; habit broad, erect shrub to 30cm tall, 35cm across after 3 years.

Seedling raised and selected by Kurt Kramer in 2010.

® E.2016:01 Registered on 18th February 2016 by Kurt Kramer, Edewecht-Süddorf, Germany.


Deep lilac-pink flowers; I-III; foliage dark green; height 15cm; spread 40cm.

This name was in use as early as 1838. Maxwell & Beale (Broadstone, Dorset, England) used the name in the 1920s for a ‘very dark early’ cultivar.  ‘Rubra’ may be synonymous with Erica carneaPraecox Rubra‘ pre-1911; and also with Erica carnea ‘Vivellii’ (1906-1911).

Named after ruber = red.


Flowers bright pink; XII-IV; foliage green; habit dwarf with needle-like leaves; height 40-60 cms, spread 40-60 cms.


Flowers pale pink; foliage yellow-green, turning orange in winter; habit more compact than ‘Foxhollow‘.

A seedling raised by nurseryman, P. Bakuysen, Boskoop.

‘Red Shift’

Flowers ruby; foliage dark green with bronze tips; habit open.Faster growing than ‘Nathalie‘. A seedling found on his nursery by John Proudfoot,Almondell Nursery, Methven, Perthshire, in 1990.

‘Winter Rubin’

Flowers deep clear pink: II-IV: foliage dark green: height 10-15cm: spread 26-30cm. Compact plant similar to Erica carneaLohse’s Rubin‘ but has less blue in flower colour. Selected from seedlings of ‘Myretoun Ruby‘ by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht, Germany).  This is a legitimate replacement name for ‘Kramer’s Rubin‘ requested by the introducer.

‘Branton Bamford’

Flowers heliotrope: II-IV; flower buds sparse, in racemes approximately 2 cm long towards the centres of long, trailing stems: foliage yellow/ green in summer: habit  semi-prostrate. A sport on Erica carnea ‘Pink Cloud’ found in Haythorne Nursery in 1992. Registered 22 September 1995: Mrs W. E. S. Bamford, Haythorne Nursery, Verwood, Dorset.